The Company

Thomas Eiche brings his extensive professional experience and education to the table. He knows companies from the inside, from chemical SMEs to the Basel-based pharmaceutical group, and is a certified industrial hygienist SGAH (ASA) under Swiss law and holds a doctorate in chemistry. He has an excellent network and brings with him a wide range of experience in chemistry, industrial hygiene, risk, safety, quality management, environment, efficiency, future planning and personnel management in an HSE department.

Thomas Eiche GmbH

Gempenstrasse 50

CH-4133 Pratteln


Tel        +41 61 261 03 04

Mobile +41 79 770 46 59

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About me

Career development

since 1. 07. 2014

Managing Director of Thomas Eiche GmbH, Pratteln,
Health Protection/Occupational Hygienist, Risk Management and Environment

2018 to June 2019 (bankruptcy)
Head of Safety Health Environment at RohnerChem, Pratteln
(upper cadre, part time)

2001 to 2014
Member of the management of vanBaerle AG, Münchenstein, Head of Quality, Environment and Safety
(including infrastructure, laboratory management, site planning)

1996 to 2001
Member of the Emergency Management of Novartis Pharma AG, Basel/Schweizerhalle works,
Industrial hygiene specialist and trainer in safety and environmental protection

1993 to 1996
Safety and Environment Sandoz AG Basel Site


Occupational hygiene expert in the EKAS industry solutions VSAS (67 switchgears and automation)

EKAS occupational hygienists of the industry solution Arbeitssicherheit Schweiz (49 institutions in the public interest)

EKAS industry solution Coiffure Suisse
Swiss energy industry VSE
Swiss Gas and Water Association SVGW

Legal Compliance Chemistry Division
Occupational hygienists for companies in different sectors

Voluntary work
Member of the Board (Secretary) of the Swiss Society for Occupational Hygiene SGAH SSHT


Training and qualifications

PhD. II University of Basel
Graduate chemist University of Freiburg i. Br.
MAS Work and Health ETHZ and UNIL
Industrial hygienist SGAH (international certification by the IOHA)

1996 to 1998
Postgraduate studies in Work + Health, University of Lausanne/ETH Zurich

1988 to 1992
Dissertation on soil fertility/environmental analysis, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, University of Basel


1981 to 1987
Diploma in chemistry, University of Freiburg im Breisgau/D